Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still. (Chinese Proverb)

There’s been a sense of something missing from this blog since I began it last month. It suddenly dawned on me that a whole chunk of my objective is missing.  Since my passion is to help others toward their purpose, there is now a separate section devoted to “Purpose.”  To make way for this,  the Exellence and Success sections have been combined (since the whole point is that true success is only found in pursuing excellence).  


Do you remember the very first time that you recognized that you had grown up a little?

When I was about ten years old I had a habit of throwing my jacket on the coat closet floor.  My mom would get after me about it and I would usually say, “Oh, it must have fallen off the hanger.”  One day I decided put a little zip into my story by actually putting the jacket on the hanger and then throwing the whole thing on the floor.  Ha! Worked like a charm! But the second time I did this, the thought came to me, “If you are going to take all the trouble to put it on the hanger and throw it on the floor, why don’t you just hang it up? It’s just as easy, and you won’t have to waste time later coming back to do it.”  When I put the hook over the rod, I realized something had changed in me.

Even as adults, our moments of growth don’t have to be earth shattering to be a turn in our life’s path.  Growth can be subtle.  A nudge to increase our awareness of a situation can lead us to a different point of view about what is really needed.  A prompt to adjust our attitude can keep us from an unwarranted argument.  A spur to revise our perspective can open us to new creativity. A check to hold back on a comment can save us from our own ignorance, or protect another’s character. These seemingly small things can lead to the expanding of our life in ways we might not see until we are further down the road, a little more… grown up.


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The Westminster Shorter Catechism states, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.”  It’s a great statement.  And it leads to a great question: How do we glorify God and enjoy him forever?

I believe that God has created every human being with individual gifts, talents, skills, abilities, tastes, desires, interests, affinities – things that bring us satisfaction and make us feel alive. I am pretty sure that each person faces unique experiences and circumstances – things that challenge or threaten us. I am learning that the conglomeration of all the giftings and all of the hardships results in a person’s unique purpose in life. And I know that finding that unique purpose, pursuing it with excellence, and honoring God with it is how each person finds fulfillment. When you become what you are created to be, that  brings glory to God.  

Discovering our purpose is a matter of understanding our strengths and our challenges. Implementing our purpose is a matter of finding practical expression of it in our lives. Completing our purpose is a matter of . . . well, that’s not possible. Remember the catechism, we are to “enjoy him forever.”